We are overstocked on Glutathione, also known as our Detox Accelerator

Glutathione is an amazing antioxidant that:

Fights against the flu with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral benefitsDecreases Allergies, and allergic responsesPromotes Exercise recovery, muscle recovery when training

AND we call it the Detox Accelerator! 

 It is through detoxification pathways that the above benefits are brought to the body. Use it to support your body whether your are currently cleansing or already Holidaying!

Glutathione is available as a Vitamin shot (IM injection) or IV (Intravenous)

If you have never tried it, maybe now is the time: 

SALE PRICES on Detox Accelerator Vitamin shot and IV Glutathione only, valid now until the end of the day on Monday 12/23

VITAMIN SHOT -Single (300mg) Reg $40

Single ON SALE  $25

Try the Double (600mg) $50

Or add on to another shot; Reg $30 NOW $20

If you are interested in IV glutathione, please give us a call at 760-720-6288, and ask us if it is right for you!   

For our current IV patients; you can add on IV Glutathione to your scheduled IV for the add on price above! ($20)


PS: Please note; IV appointments are scheduled and not subject to the 20% discount during happy hour.   

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