Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune condition whereby antibodies from the immune system attack different components of the joint tissue. Symptoms may be generalized including fatigue, low-grade fever, weakness and weight loss, or joint specific causing joint swelling, stiffness and pain. As with other auto-immune conditions, rheumatoid arthritis typically comes in flare-ups followed by bouts of inactive disease.

In Naturopathic medicine we look for possible causes and events that may have triggered the auto-immune reaction to occur.  In many patients we find dysbiosis, food sensitivities and abnormal gut microflora.

“Vitalia helped me turn my life around…helping me create a new diet full of foods I just love.  My body loves it!”  Sally O., Oceanside

At Vitalia, we work with each patient to customize their diet to specifically improve their health condition.  We also use herbal medicines and homeopathic medicines to prevent further degradation of the joints, decrease inflammation in the body and improve detoxification pathways.  For many patients with rheumatoid arthritis this can lead to significant improvement and stabilization of their disease.

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