Today, I am excited to share detailed information with you as well as answers to some of the most common questions patient’s are asking.  The office is still ablaze with questions about the vaccines, and how to support ourselves during the vaccination process.  

First, let’s talk about the Why – these are the reasons Why some of us are choosing to get vaccinated: 

  • Covid-19 has a higher fatality rate than any other flu virus
  • 40% of people have long term complications from Covid-19 infection (known as post-Covid syndrome or Long Haulers) 
  • We have a vaccine that is 95% effective.  That’s a lot more effective than the flu vaccine has ever been!  

We all have our individual why’s or why not’s; reasons we are getting the vaccine or holding off.  For many, it’s just not your turn yet, but don’t worry, I have helpful tips for you too.  Things you can do now to support your health and response to the vaccine.  

The Phizer vaccine is 95% effective, the Moderna is 94% effective.  That means that after the 2nd dose, 95% of people should not get Covid or transmit Covid.  In fact, current research shows that the 1st dose offers at least 52% effectiveness and up to 90-95% effectiveness has been shown when individuals were tested 3-4 weeks after the 1st vaccine dose.  

Both of these are approved (per Emergency Use Auth) by FDA, and both of these current vaccines are mRNA type vaccine.  Even though there are a lot of unknowns with this new type of vaccine, I do have some reassurance to give you through the education I have been getting on the latest research.  (Institute for functional medicine;

The mRNA is a genetic code called messenger RNA.  Messenger RNA is natural to our body, and exists for other immune functions.  In this case, the mRNA from the vaccine codes for the Covid spike protein.  The macrophage, which is a type of immune cell, will then produce this specific Covid-19 spike protein and display it on the surface of the cell membrane, creating an immune response.  A healthy immune response will create both T cell immunity and Antibody immunity.   

Ok, I realize I may have lost some on that last paragraph. This is what you should know about how an mRNA vaccine works

  • mRNA is unstable; that which is not taken up by macrophages is degraded within 20 minutes 
  • Therefore, it can never integrate into our sperm, eggs, or our DNA
  • It only codes within macrophages, and the lifespan of a macrophage is 2 days, after that, all mRNA is gone from your body.  
  • There is no scientific evidence of long-term complications from the vaccine at this point in time.
  • The immune system can continue to build against Covid in the weeks following the vaccine
  • I have looked at all the ingredients and honestly see less heavy metals in these vaccines than the previous style of vaccine. In fact there are no heavy metals that I can see.

Here are my warnings and concern.  Keep in mind, we are here to optimize your safety and response to the vaccine.  I have been customizing detox and vaccine support protocols for my patients since 2003.  

  • Do not get the vaccine if you have any type of infection.  If you think you are sick at all, certainly with any kind of flu virus, do not go to your appointment.  The vaccine is a small stress on the immune system, that can exacerbate and already existing infection.  
  • AutoImmune Disease (AI disease) – Do not get the vaccine if you are in an active flare.  This is because the vaccine could trigger a flare and further uncontrolled inflammation.  There is no concern if you have a mild autoimmune disease that is under good control.  Even if on medication, such as Rx biologics, and the AI disease is in good control, (and you are not feeling sick), then the vaccine is a good option.  If you are having frequent, uncontrolled flares, then give us a call!  We can help you gain control of the flares and lower inflammation using a combination of diet and nutritional advice, herbal medicine and homeopathic medicines.  If you are concerned about the vaccine stimulating an AI disease, I want you to know that I am too and I am staying up to date on this research. In the meantime, you should know that infection with Covid-19 can also stimulate an AI disease, so there is risk either way.  
  • Cancer Concern? – only if your immune system is low, and you have received recent treatment.  It is important to have a strong immune system when receiving the vaccine!  Many oncologists recommend waiting 2-3 months after any cancer treatment to ensure a strong and active immune system.  
  • Pregnancy and Children? –  Currently the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends pregnant women and children to continue to social distance and wear masks.  The two vaccines that are currently available, are not authorized for use in children and have not been studied in pregnant women; although I have heard there is a current study going on for pregnant women.  
  • History of Anaphylaxis or allergy? – Schedule an appointment with me to discuss.  Both vaccines have a rate of approx. 1 in 100,000 people that will get anaphylaxis from this vaccine.  You should not get this vaccine if you know you have an allergy to polyethylene glycol, or if you had an anaphylactic reaction to an initial dose of the Covid vaccine.  
  • Here are some tips for staying healthy now, as you await your turn…

    • Continue to wash your hands, wear masks and social distance!
    • Address lifestyle factors to improve sleep, exercise, healthy eating, and lower stress
    • Avoid your specific food sensitivities, or follow your prescribed autoimmune diet plan.  
    • Be regular with your nutritional supplements to balance blood sugar, lower cortisol and stress hormones, and keep your female hormone balance in check.  
    • If your digestive system loves it – eat lots of salads, smoothies and dark green leafy vegetables to give you a health amount of fiber and B vitamins to support your detoxification pathways

    If you are 7-10 days before your 1st vaccine appointment – all of the tips above apply, plus these: 

    • Eat leafy greens in your diet daily (for B’s and folate) – spinach, arugula, collards, kale, etc. 
    • Avoid Alcohol, chips, fried foods
    • Avoid stress (stress will lower your responsiveness to the vaccine), and get good sleep, no mater what it takes!
    • Exercise, and preferably work up a sweat!  If not possible, use sauna therapy to get your sweat glands opening up.  

    At Vitalia, we offer a Detox accelerator vitamin shot.  This is pure Glutathione, an amazing antioxidant that our bodies produce.  Glutathione happens to be a powerful detoxification support for the liver and heavy metals. You may consider getting this shot within 7 days prior, and also 1x/week for two weeks after the vaccination.  This shot will not lower your immune responsiveness or effectiveness of the vaccine, but may improve your tolerance to it.  

    If you are due for your 2nd vaccine, I am sure you have heard, the symptoms may be more intense than the first.  All of the above apply, and here are some additional considerations: 

    • Some of our patients are taking time off work around the 2nd appointment since many people will experience some level of fatigue, body aches, and possible fever, chills, headache as a side effect to the 2nd vaccine. 24 hours is typically enough time, please take care of yourself during this time!! 
    • Consider coming in for the Detox accelerator vitamin shot as it can really help with body aches and flu like symptoms.  You may want to add on some B vitamins or Vitamin D if you think you might be low!

    We are customizing nutritional and detox vaccine support protocols for our patients. Please call us at 760-720-6288 to schedule your 30-45 minute consultation.

    In peace and health, 

    Natasha Wolf, ND

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