Type I Diabetes occurs most often in children and adolescents and causes complete destruction of the cells of the pancreas that produce insulin. Therefore, patients require lifetime insulin support and managing of blood sugar. Family history pre-disposes a patient to developing type I diabetes. In these patients the Beta-cells of the pancreas are susceptible to damage and there is a genetic defect that prevents the normal regeneration of these cells. Viral infections, auto-immunity and some chemicals in our food and environment are linked as the initiating factors that may trigger damage to the pancreas resulting in Diabetes.

Type II Diabetes, previously known as adult-onset diabetes, is now becoming more prevalent and is starting to affect children.  This is a disease of diet and lifestyle with increased risk in patients with obesity and poor eating and exercise habits.  A diet that is high in refined sugar, fat and animal products and low in dietary fiber puts the patient at risk for Diabetes.

“I am a new patient of Vitalia.  I have only seen her twice so far, but I already know that I am in the right place for me.”  Jenny S., Oceanside

Naturopathic treatment begins with fine-tuning the diet of a Diabetic patient.  We work with many patients who are also taking medications for Diabetes and can create treatment plans that combine conventional and naturopathic treatment safely and effectively.  At Vitalia, we use many natural remedies to improve blood sugar management, enhance weight loss, increase energy and prevent diabetic complications.