Although very rare in children, Insomnia does affect some children and can develop at any point in time in their development.  As in adults, stress may be the main cause.  It is also associated with ADD/ADHD and a nervous temperament.

Stress almost always plays some role in the development and continuation of insomnia.  Chronic stress causes an adrenal imbalance to occur, resulting in elevated nighttime cortisol levels. Adrenal testing can identify stress as an underlying cause.  Call today to have your child tested at Vitalia!

We find it is especially important to pay attention to any existing hypoglycemia symptoms (ie low blood sugar).  A drop in blood sugar triggers a nighttime release of many stimulating hormones including cortisol, which causes the child to wake up. An easy antidote to this syndrome is to give your child a nighttime snack; something that contains a protein and carbohydrate at bedtime.  This will decrease the drop in blood sugar that typically occurs in the middle of the night, causing the child to wake up.