Congestive Heart Failure is when either the right or left ventricles of the heart, or both, are failing to effectively pump enough blood to the lungs and extremities.  This condition is caused by any of these factors:

  • uncontrolled, long-term hypertension
  • history of a previous heart attack
  • disorders of the heart valve
  • chronic lung disease
  • having an enlarged heart

The initial signs of heart failure are shortness of breath (typically with exertion), fatigue and a non-productive chronic cough. Although Naturopathic medicine works best at the early stages of heart failure, it can be used as a healthy adjunct to conventional medical treatment.  For example, most patients with congestive heart failure would benefit from a diet low in salt and high in potassium.  Salt raises blood pressure in approximately 50% of patients with hypertension.  Potassium acts as a vasodilator, relaxing the arteries and decreasing hypertension.  There are many essential nutrients for the heart that can be emphasized in the diet and improve outcomes.

“They got me off the medication I hated” D.R., Vista

At Vitalia, we support the heart health of our patients with diet and nutritional advice.  We put together customized treatment plans consisting of herbal medicines and homeopathic medicines.  Call us today to for a complimentary health evaluation!