Chronic migraines and headaches often have multiple causes.  At Vitalia, one of the first places we often look is the diet.  It is essential to clean up the diet of food sensitivities, and food toxins such as MSG (which causes inflammation of the brain thereby triggering migraines).  Preservatives, food colorings and dyes should also be avoided.  Other dietary substances that can trigger migraines include: chocolate, wine, cheese, beer and meat additives such as in bacon and sausage.

Often we see digestive inflammation associated with headaches and migraines.  Food sensitivity testing is extremely beneficial to many patients to identify foods they are eating that are triggering headaches and migraines.  We use herbs and homeopathic medicines to heal the digestive lining, thereby eliminating a high percentage of migraine headaches.

At Vitalia, we also assess each patient for hormonal imbalance, which is often associated with headaches.  Compromised detoxification pathways are another important consideration for a patient suffering from chronic migraines.  Call us today to get started on your own personalized detoxification and nutrition plan.