Chronic sinusitis is also an inflammatory condition, characterized by inflammation and pain of the sinus cavities. The pain may or may not be accompanied by generalized pressure in the head cavity, causing headaches and sometimes migraines. Sinusitis may also be associated with nasal congestion and/or runny nose. It may be seasonal or chronic in nature.

At Vitalia, we look for the underlying causes of chronic sinusitis and treat each issue, often clearing sinusitis for good! Although most sinus infections are treated with antibiotics, research shows that 90% of sinus infections may actually be caused by a fungal infection.  We use powerful herbs and homeopathic medicines to clear chronic sinus congestion and inflammation.

“The sinus headaches are much less frequent and less severe now.  I am looking forward to this path that I am now on toward better health.”  Jenny S., Oceanside

We also look at each patient’s health history for anything that may be causing a weakened immune system; allowing the chronic infection to continue.  Food sensitivities  cause chronic inflammation and often contribute to sinus congestion and infection.  Call us today to ask about food sensitivity testing!