Osteoporosis is a decrease in bone mineral density that puts the patient at risk for spontaneous fractures of the hip and vertebral spine. Patients often show no signs of this disease until they are affected by multiple small fractures in the spine, which can cause severe back pain. Postmenopausal women are at the highest risk, with one in four postmenopausal women developing osteoporosis.

Vitalia provides holistic and natural approaches to healing and wellness as well as treatment for chronic conditions like my advanced osteoporosis, which is noticeably improving….I definitely prefer these safe, non-toxic and effective remedies and methods to traditional medicine’s reliance on drugs and surgery, etc.  Anonymous.

Osteoporosis is a deficiency of more than just calcium.  Many nutrients are crucial for bone support including vitamin D, vitamin K, boron, strontium, and magnesium.  Many postmenopausal women are mineral deficient, causing the body to pull minerals out of the bones and worsening osteoporosis.  The acid/alkaline balance of the body will also affect if the bones will absorb or be depleted of minerals.

At Vitalia, we encourage weight bearing exercise to increase strength of bones and help patients increase their activity levels.  We treat osteoporosis using diet and nutritional support, nutrient therapies, herbal medicines and homeopathic medicines.  We have effectively worked with women and men to improve bone density and work towards a healthier diet and lifestyle.