Drugs or chemicals can cause hepatitis but most often they are viral. Hepatitis A, B and C are most common and some cases of Hepatitis B and C become chronic. Chronic hepatitis may begin quickly or slowly and is characterized by fatigue, malaise, flu-like symptoms and sometimes nausea and lack of appetite. Hepatitis is typically monitored by blood levels of the virus and the liver enzymes. These markers combined with the severity of the symptoms provide the patient with an analysis of the progression of the disease.

A diet high in fiber typically will support the health of patients with hepatitis.  Fiber acts as a sponge in the body to soak up toxins and specifically supports the liver by absorption of bile acids.  High amounts of fiber are found in beans and legumes, whole grains, apples, pears, as well as other fruits, and almost all vegetables.

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There are many herbs used in Naturopathic medicine that support liver function and digestive health.  We also use specific natural medicines that help the immune system attack the virus that is causing the hepatitis.  With a comprehensive approach that takes into account the health of the whole person, Naturopathic medicine can greatly decrease the progression of chronic hepatitis and sometimes put it into remission!