In this discussion, we will focus specifically on the auto-immune component of Hypothyroidism.  For more information on Hypothyroidism, please see the hypothyroid page under Hormonal imbalance and also visit our blog.

Most primary care doctors do not routinely check for the two main antibodies that contribute to Hashimoto’s.  These are Anti-Thyroid peroxidase (Anti-TPO) and Anti-thyroglobulin.  However, these numbers are very useful in tracking the progression of the disease and measuring the success of a natural medicine approach.

Auto-immune disease may be triggered by an immune dysfunction in the digestive tract.   Food sensitivities have been linked to Hashimoto’s with gluten intolerance being the most positive association in many research studies.  Additionally, we often find gut dysbiosis; which refers to a parasitic, yeast or bacterial overgrowth.

Many heavy metals are specifically damaging to the thyroid and can also trigger auto-immune reactions.  At Vitalia, we test for heavy metals and then support the patient in detoxifying the specific metals that are present.  We use customized detoxification plans that support elimination through the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin.  Call us today to schedule an appointment and begin your journey to repairing the immune system!