Plant remedies have been used for healing by all cultures since the beginning of time. Herbal medicines are typically prepared using the root, flower or leaf of the plant and can be made into a capsule, tablet, powder or liquid. Naturopathic Doctors study the traditional, eclectic and scientific medical uses of these plants.

What I think is amazing is how they represent nature! Just one example of the many benefits that plant medicines provide is that they are adaptogenic, which means they have the power to balance the body’s physiology. For example, a phytoestrogen will balance estrogen levels, by decreasing estrogen in an environment of estrogen dominance, and yet can support estrogen levels in an environment of estrogen deficiency. The body’s systems are an intricate web of interactions. It makes sense to me that to improve health, we need to support balance and adaptability of these symptoms, and why not use nature’s original medicine to achieve it!

What is Gemmotherapy?  How is it different?

Gemmotherapy refers to a unique and powerful way of making plant medicines that has been used in European countries since 1965. This technique uses the buds and shoots of fresh plants, believed to be the most energetic aspect of the plant. Gemmotherapies are almost always made from trees, which due to their long history of being rooted into the earth are believed to have the ability to link the healing of the body with the mind. A special technique that uses water, alcohol and glycerite is used to extract medicinal ingredients, so you can be sure that all of the powerful healing properties of the plant are transferred to the medicine.

There are many herbs prepared as gemmotherapies. They can be combined to create a unique and customized blend specific to the patient’s needs. They can be conveniently taken together and often taste great in a little water! This makes it easy to give herbal medicines to children.

With the thousands of chemicals and pollutants that we live with in the modern age, it is becoming imperative to incorporate detoxification and drainage techniques to achieve optimal health. Drainage refers to the stimulation of excretory organs such as, the liver and digestive systems, kidneys, lungs and skin. These herbal medicines are homeopathically prepared to a 1X dilution, giving the herbs the ability to restore and regenerate elimination functions of certain organs. By taking gemmotherapies over time, not only will the body’s health be improved, but the body will have a much greater capacity to deal with and remove toxic compounds that it is exposed to.