Hypothyroidism affects both women and men and causes difficulty in losing weight, depression, dry skin, fatigue, hair loss, cold sensitivity and also affects the female menstrual cycles. Thyroid function can be analyzed in the blood. Doctors typically screen for thyroid illness with the TSH blood test, although Naturopathic doctors will often take a more thorough look at thyroid function with a T3, T4 and auto-antibody panel.

“I have severe food and chemical allergies.  I also was diagnosed with hypothyroid. With Vitalia’s natural approach my thyroid tests have been normal for two years. “  Blanca A., San Marcos

At Vitalia, we take a detailed look at the patient’s history to identify underlying causes for the hypothyroidism in each individual patient.  This may include an adrenal assessment, as many times thyroid and adrenal function are associated.  If there are auto-immune antibodies associated with the thyroid condition, naturopathic medicine can address the auto-immune aspect as a way of treating the thyroid condition.  We will also assess any other aspects of the hormonal system (or endocrine system) that are affected.

With Naturopathic medicine, we can treat hypothyroidism using diet and nutritional changes as well as using specific nutrients that support thyroid function. We can prescribe both natural and synthetic forms of thyroid hormone if that is necessary.  Herbal and homeopathic medicines are used to support thyroid function and reverse the disease by treating the cause of the problem.  Call Vitalia to get your unique work-up of your thyroid condition.