Adrenal Imbalance in children is becoming more frequent and is often an underlying cause of ADD and ADHD.  It can be diagnosed in children as young as 3 years old by a cortisol saliva test.

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Stress is what causes adrenal imbalance.  Diet and lifestyle factors greatly affect the adrenal glands as well.  Keeping the blood sugar balanced is the key to supporting the adrenal glands.  This means avoiding sugar, caffeine and refined carbohydrates and starches; such as white flour, white rice, potatoes and corn. It means eating a good healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of lean protein, vegetables or fruit, and a whole grain.  Additionally, healthy snacks contribute to keeping the blood sugar balanced throughout the day.  At Vitalia, we give breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack suggestions to help you feed your child a healthy diet.