We are already seeing many patients suffering with the flu, and many of our patients taking advantage of our Flu Defender vitamin shot to keep themselves healthy.  Here are some quick tips to keep your immune system strong: 

  • Don’t Skimp on Sleep! A good night’s sleep is so important to rejuvinate your body, decrease stress and support your immune system.  We consider a good night’s sleep to be 8 hours of solid sleep (un-disturbed).  If you are getting 6-7 hours/ night, turn off your screens and start winding down for sleep earlier to get a solid 8 hours.  If you have disrupted sleep or insomnia, please give us a call so we can help you with this.  If you are pushing yourself all week, take extra rest on the weekend, but that still does not substitute for 8 hours of solid sleep every night.  
  • Avoid Cane Sugar!  Research has shown that sugar slows our immune system by making our white blood cells sluggish.  One can of soda can cause more than a 50% decrease in our immune system for 5-7 hours!  If you can’t give up sugar completely, consider dropping it from Monday thru Friday, allowing special treats on the weekends.  This alone can dramatically drop your intake of Sugar Cane.
  • Switch from Coffee to Green tea.  Overconsumption of coffee is taxing to the liver, which plays an important role in keeping our immune system healthy.  Green tea contains immune stimulating properties (called catechins) as well as stress reducing properties (theonine) and can be taken as a capsule or just drinking green tea throughout the day.  A research study from 2011 showed healthcare workers who took a standardized extract of green tea had a 69% lower incidence of flu than the placebo group.
  • Homeopathic flu prevention and treatment uses Mucococcinum – proven to be 88% effective against the flu virus. Vitalia’s protocol uses this powerful homeopathic remedy along with a synergistic remedy called Gammodyn CuAuAg which primes the immune system against cold and flu viruses. Vitalia has been using this protocol effectively for over 12 years and families rave about it’s ability to stop germs from passing around.  The protocol is safe and easy to take: Take one of each remedy under the tongue 1x/day for 5 days in a row starting in October.  This primes the immune system against cold and flu.  Then from October through April, take one of each of the homeopathic remedies 1x/week.  Best of all – these two products can be taken at the onset of any cold or flu as they are 82% effective for treatment against cold and flu as well. 

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