Well, the cold and flu season seems to have hit.  Many people are still recovering from bugs they picked up during travel and visits with family over the holidays.

If you are looking for some quick tips to boost your immune system, click here for a link to 10 articles we have written on this subject in Vitalia’s blog.

We’ve been giving a lot of the Flu Defender Vitamin Shot over the last few weeks, and our patients are raving about them! Give yourself the extra immune boost!  Some patients choose this option as prevention versus the flu vaccine.

Or if you are already suffering with a cough or flu symptoms, then you will get a much bigger boost through our IV Vitamin C formulas.  The Quick fix is 2 grams of Vitamin C with a hefty dose of B vits (all), Calcium and Magnesium.  Or opt for the Ultimate Immune – with 12.5 grams of Vitamin C and all the nutrients mentioned above.  The Quick fix is our fastest IV, taking on average 30-45 mins. The Ultimate immune takes 60-90 minutes (depending on the patient).

Friday IV appointments are available this week!Call 760-720-6288 to ask questions or schedule your IV(C) treatment

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