California started Licensing Naturopathic Doctors around 2004, and since then there has been amazing growth of the profession.  In order to become a licensed ND, doctors must first excel at the pre-med sciences and complete a 4 year undergraduate program to be accepted to one of the accredited Naturopathic Medical schools.  From there, the 4 year Naturopathic medical program is a rigorous but fascinating mix of medical sciences, study of natural medicine including diet and nutrition, and clinical experience with patients.  We also study in depth the science of underlying cause… how to find the true cause of disease, and how to create customized treatment plans to fit our patient’s needs.  

     My Journey to Becoming an ND started when I was a undergrad pre-med student at Queen’s University in Canada.  A good friend asked me if I’d ever heard of a Naturopathic Doctor?  I said no, but with the brief description she gave me, I was intrigued and headed straight to the career center on campus.  

     Coincidentally, over my summer break, my mother had given me a book called “Lectures on homeopathic medicine” by Kent.  Imagine, me at 19 y.o, lying on the beach reading this very intense book about the philosophies of a type of medicine that I had never heard of.  The philosophies I was reading about and the understanding of the body and health resinated so deeply with all of my being that I had to explore this passion as a career.  

     What really appealed to me was the rigorous education!  I wanted the integration of medical science and natural medicine, with a more thorough understanding of health and disease and what impacts each.  

     Well, that was over 20 years ago!  Here is a big thank you to my friend who told me about Naturopathic Medicine, and an even bigger thank you to my mom who influenced me that summer, and has inspired me many more times since then!  Thank you Mom!

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Call us at 760-720-6288 to RSVP!

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