•  Looking closely at the diet and looking for associations between foods and food additives with behavioral changes.  Most commonly I see milk and other casein products, wheat and gluten, sugar, chocolate, preservatives and food colorings as problematic in my patient population.

•  Individualized IgG and IgA testing can identify other food sensitivities that may have been overlooked.  This testing has been incredibly valuable for many of my patients, as traditional elimination and challenge diets are typically long, tedious and not always conclusive.

•  Removing food sensitivities and additives is only the start of what is possible to heal the digestive tract and thereby support the immune system and decrease inflammation in the body.  Nutrients, herbs and specific homeopathic remedies are powerful in healing the damage that has been done to the digestive tract.  Good quality probiotics and promoting cultured foods in the diet will support a healthy immune system and help to kill off any candida or parasites invading the digestive tract.

Detoxification of mercury and other heavy metals can be approached in many different ways and should be tailored to the individual.  I start with a urine test to measure any heavy metals in the body.  This provides us with a baseline and also indicates which heavy metals are present.  Then I put together an individualized program for the patient to enhance detoxification of these metals.  I use many methods including diet and nutritional changes, herbal and homeopathic remedies. The treatment is gentle but also effective in chelating and removing the metals.

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