• Take a moment to relax before eating.  Let the tension of the day go.  Open to receive nourishment.  Just as you prepare your food, prepare yourself for the experience of eating.

  • Appreciate the nourishment process.
  • Try to eat your food mindfully. Chew your food slowly and thoroughly.  Take smaller bites.  Put your eating utensil down after taking a bite.
  • Choose the freshest, least processed foods.
  • Choose seasonal foods that are locally grown.  This choice will support your community.
  • Recognize the relationship between food and the world around you.  Assume responsibility for your environment by choosing organically grown foods that promote sustainability.  Also choose non-packaged products and products with recyclable packaging.
  • Make a higher percentage of your foods plant based foods.
  • Choose whole foods, including whole grains and whole grain products.
  • Choose fresh, unprocessed vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.
  • Balance your food choices.  Don’t allow your diet to focus too exclusively on a single food or food category.
  • Explore different ethnic foods, spices and seasonings from other countries.

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