You eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, spend time in the sauna a few times a week and meditate for about 5 minutes twice a year, so why cleanse? Most often when we hear the words “cleanse” or “detox” the first thought seems to equate with starvation, water or just fasting, and chalky tasting meal replacements. Completely unappetizing. Your response, while very real, does not quite match up to the true definition of the word cleanse or detox, but rather to one that society has exemplified very well through the media…..Perfect health and 15lb weight loss in 3 days! Sounds great, I am in! Not so fast there, lets investigate this a little deeper while quickly running the other way!

According to the Webster dictionary the word cleanse means, “To make something clean”. We live in a physical world filled with toxins from the food we consume to the air we breathe. No escaping it, yet at the same time, what we can do is learn how to co-inhabit with the world by supporting the body’s organs of elimination on a ongoing basis. Taking the time to engage in a structured cleanse is like pushing the reset button and plants the seeds for healthy new habits.

Years of exposure to toxins whether it be environmental or from food poses added stress on the body, resulting in chronic inflammation, a less than happy liver, sluggish digestive system, acidity, skin issues, aches and pains, mental fogginess, impaired sleep, hormone imbalance, weight gain and so on. By fueling the body with targeted nutrients from quality nutraceuticals and whole foods, the toxic burden eventually begins to lessen and in return you become more energized, lighter and freer in body, mind, and spirit. This is our natural state of being, yet along the way we might have taken a few detours. There is no better time than the present to nourish your whole body and open to that which already resides within, true health and inner peace. Hop back on the road to wellness, we have open seats, and all are welcome!

Click here to learn more about our Spring Cleanse or contact Shawneea @ 760-720-6288. Cleanse starts Saturday May14th from 3:30-5pm at Vitalia Natural Medicine!

  Health & Happiness, Dr. Wolf, Stanclift, Juliana and Shawneea

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