It’s already time to boost your immune system to fight off this season’s colds & flus.  You have many options available!  Patients are asking us about the flu vaccine and what alternatives we have.

Here are some quick, easy solutions:

Our tried and true Homeopathic Flu prevention program – For over 15 years we have recommended a combination of two homeopathic remedies that treat and prevent colds and flus for patient’s families.  Muco coccinum is an exceptional homeopathic preparation made from the strongest strains of the influenza virus.  It is specifically for boosting the immune function and supporting our bodies defense mechanisms.  We combine it with another homeopathic called Gammodyn CuAuAg, which helps our body deal with everyday stress that can lower the immune system.  After an initial loading dose of 5 days, these are taken only 1/week to support the immune system.  Ask Dana or Erica for more info! Our Flu Defender Vitamin Shot – Quick and Easy boost 1-2x/month.  The B vitamins in this shot (B12, B5, B6) will help the immune system against stress and also increase your energy if you are currently fighting something.  Vitamin D3 in a shot is easily absorbed (50,000 IU).  It is a major boost for the immune system and has now been shown to decrease length of flu related symptoms. Also Dr. Wolf is being hosted this Saturday by Pharmaca International Discussing Women’s Health and Hormones Are your hormones driving you crazy? Join us for a free in-store discussion to learn about effective natural therapies to balance your hormones.  Dr. Wolf will discuss how to get relief from symptoms such as PMS, mood swings, hot flashes, fatigue and brain fog.   This Saturday (9/15) at 12:30pm Pharmaca Carlsbad – 6985 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA  In good health, 

The Vitalia Team ~ Dr. Wolf, Dana and Erica

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