“I wanted to send you a “thank you”!

My daughter started school on Monday … not just the start of a new school year but she also moved up to middle school so she changed schools too.  When she entered 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade, the anxiety was overwhelming for her and her tics got progressively worse every year … by the time 5th grade started she was experiencing tics every 5-10 seconds for weeks starting on the first day of school … and this just repeated every time we had a break (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.).  I felt so sorry for her because it’s hard enough to start a new year and get used to a new classroom and teacher and friends in class but then when you add those symptoms it just makes it a challenge to concentrate and especially hard to make new friends.   And her shyness made things even worse for her.

I have to admit I was expecting the worst when she started Middle School on Monday.  But I’m SO HAPPY that her experience was just the opposite.  Her tics are practically undetectable (not gone, but I don’t think anyone who doesn’t know about her past would even know she has them).  When I picked her up on Monday she came running out saying, “I LOVE my new school”.  She even felt brave enough to make a new friend on the first day AND talk with her teachers.

I’m so happy we found Vitalia for my daughter because I really believe it’s your guidance and natural medications and diet change suggestions that have helped her.  We were so frustrated with the main-stream medical world because every doctor was telling us there was nothing they could do to help her unless we resorted to medications with AWFUL side effects that literally put her to sleep to calm the twitches.  And that was their only solution … they even refused to test her for food sensitivities saying that wouldn’t have any effect on her tics.

So, once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

Sandy, G. Carlsbad, CA


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