I am excited to share with you a great article from Time Health! Just what we have been looking for, a way to increase the effectiveness of traditional Cancer treatments! It is extremely exciting to see the evidence mount up proving that high doses of IV Vitamin C helps to rid the body of malignant cancer cells.

If you’ve already been learning about IV Vitamin C, then you know that it is working as an antioxidant to your normal healthy cells, but as a pro-oxidant to cancer cells.  Cancer cells are metabolically different and already under oxidative stress, especially when the patient is also under-going traditional oncology treatments like chemo and radiation.  This new study shows that IVC enhances and supports treatments such as chemo and radiation.  Since they are both creating a pro-oxidative stress on the cancer cells, a synergistic effect is found when patients undergo both at the same time.

And that’s not the only benefit! IV Vitamin C has been shown to prevent genetic damage, that chemo and radiation can cause.  That means preventing additional cancers from developing, which is a well-known side effect of both chemo and radiation. Also, IVC has been shown to increase Natural Killer cells – those are the most important immune cells to attack cancer growth.  For up to 24 hours after receiving an IVC treatment, Natural Killer cell activity has been shown to increase from 200% – 400%. Wow!! (See article below)

Here is the article from Time:http://time.com/4718630/vitamin-c-cancer-treatment-chemotherapy/

Vitalia Natural Medicine in Carlsbad has been safely and effectively providing IVC for the past 7 years.  Many of our patients report major improvements in energy, sleep and mood and even drive from Orange County, Oceanside and Encinitas to receive IV Vitamin C.

To celebrate the exciting research happening with high dose IV Vitamin C, Vitalia is Offering:

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If you are new to IV nutrient treatment at Vitalia, please let Dana, our office manager, know when you call.



Dr. Natasha Wolf and the Vitalia Team



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