In-store lecture: Carlsbad Pharmaca, 6985 El Camino Real

 Speaker: Dr. Natasha Wolf, ND

 Are you tired of living with chronic headaches?  Is your medicine cabinet filled with painkillers that aren’t doing the job?  Come find out how to uncover and address the cause of your headaches naturally.

 Dr. Natasha Wolf, ND is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor practicing family medicine with an emphasis on women’s health, pediatric medicine and alternative cancer therapies. Dr. Wolf has been studying and practicing natural medicine for over 10 years.

She believes strongly in the connection between mind, body and spirit. She facilitates healing in her patients through a personalized approach that focuses on treating the patient, not the disease. Each person’s body has the ability to heal itself, and this self-healing can be stimulated by identifying and treating the underlying causes of illness.

Healing can be a transformative experience that leads to a better understanding of the self, breaking through limiting thoughts and belief patterns, creating an improved quality of life through stress management and life balance, and identifying purpose and passion in life. She combines extensive knowledge in nutrition, homeopathic and herbal medicines with her clinical experience to create customized wellness plans for her patients.

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