The major benefits of exercise are important as they are many. Exercise increases oxygen to the cells which is needed for life. Most people are deficient in the amount of oxygen throughout their bodies. It is a fact that viruses and cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich body as is the case in an alkaline body also. Another benefit to exercise is that it increases the movement of lymph fluid. The lymphatic system is an important element in the elimination process as it eliminates toxins. Exercise also provides cell stimulation. This is important because every cell in the body produces toxic waste and needs stimulation in order for the toxic waste to be eliminated. If this waste is not eliminated, the cell begins to act in an abnormal way and could degenerate and die or begin to grow abnormalities in an out of control manner causing tumors, cancer and the like.

Another benefit of exercise is that it opens the energy channels. Energy flows through our body as blood flows through our veins. When these channels become blocked or congested, energy does not flow efficiently. This energy gives life and vitality to the cells and without it the cells do not receive what is needed which can cause suppression of the immune system and in turn cause the body to become “acidic” making it susceptible to illness. The last and most commonly known benefit of exercise is the releasing of tension and stress. Stress is the silent killer and can be defined in many ways. It is the holding on to negative energy and enables this energy to lodge into different areas of the body. This can cause muscles to be tight and the body to become acidic, again making it susceptible to illness and infection. Exercise “breaks up” this negative energy and can allow it to leave the body.

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