By Natasha Wolf, ND

We are all under stress right now. Knowing that, do everything you can to keep your immune system strong, and don’t do anything to weaken it!

  • Avoid Sugar; Sugar directly lowers the immune system, and raises inflammation, which affects stress levels. For homemade desserts, you can cut the calories by substituting Stevia, and some honey, maple syrup or Coconut sugar.
  • Actively Decrease your stress daily by being active for at least 30 min/ day.
  • Practice Mindfulness Meditation. Try the Award winning App: CALM
  • Cortisol is our hormone responsible for chronic stress. It may affect energy levels, quality of sleep, moods and motivation. Take this time to support your cortisol levels. Think of the things that decrease stress for you. Have you:

    • Taken a Bath lately?
    • Spent time in Nature?
    • Read a good book?

    Here are a few more tips to make sure you are maximizing the strength of your immune system:

    Sleep – Your immune system is most active at night when you sleep. Sleep at regular times, in complete darkness for as long as your body needs.

    Continue to avoid your food sensitivities and allergies. Don’t put extra stress on your immune system by exposing your system to allergens.

    Lastly, Don’t OverEat. Strive to keep balance in your life right now, by keeping a regular schedule of exercise, meals, sleep etc. Eat an appropriate amount of food (or less) than you would normally, knowing your activity level is less than usual. Stop eating by 6pm if possible, or set the time that is right for you, to stop evening eating. Make a cup of tea instead.

    There is so much more to cover in the next few weeks as we get through the Corona pandemic together. I will write again soon about anti-virals, foods to eat, and lifestyle tips and more. In the meantime, let’s implement these tips to combat stress and keep our immune systems strong!

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