If you are faced with a diagnosis of cancer, treatment options may seem limited to chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery.  However, high dose Vitamin C delivered intravenously can kill early stages of cancer cells and improve quality of life in later stages of cancer.  Research has not determined any known contraindications to giving intravenous Vitamin C with any chemotherapy when proper protocol is followed.  Furthermore, research is beginning to show that using Vitamin C at the same time of treatment with chemotherapy or radiation may improve the effectiveness of these treatments.  In fact, some physicians using high dose Vitamin C recommend giving it on the same day as the chemo or radiation treatments.

Research on Vitamin C continues to develop and will ultimately provide greater clarity and insight for it to be accepted as a standard form of conventional cancer treatment.  The current amount of research on high dose Vitamin C, only supports the years of success that doctors and integrative medical establishments have been seeing clinically with their patients.

At Vitalia Natural Medicine, you will have two doctors overseeing your care.  Dr. Wolf devotes a large part of her practice to specializing in adjunctive cancer treatments and will provide broad based naturopathic care.  Dr. Minesaki has taken additional specialized training and is certified through the IVNTP (IV Nutritional Therapy for Physicians) to safely administer nutrients intravenously.  She will supplement Dr. Wolf’s treatment with an appropriate and effective high dose intravenous Vitamin C protocol.  What you can expect is a thorough preliminary screening, including blood work to ensure that this treatment is safe for you.  Certain individuals with heart or kidney comprise, rare metabolic disorders or use of the drug Methotrexate may not be good candidates.  IV Vitamin C protocols and treatment schedules can vary depending on the individual, presenting diagnosis and severity of the condition.  Patients are started on a low dose of Vitamin C and that amount is increased up to the therapeutic level.  Patients are regularly re-evaluated with clinical consultations and necessary blood work and imaging studies to further guide the treatment plan.



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