By: Shivam Kohls –

What is Clutter?

 Clutter is anything that is broken, unused, unfinished, unresolved, tolerated or disorganized. It can be anything that you longer use, need or love. Clutter is energy constipation. It can stop the energy from flowing in your life and can affect your prosperity, health, relationships, creativity, spirituality and wellbeing.

 Affects of Clutter

 Clutter blocks the flow of chi or energy through your home or office. This in turn can produce a feeling of being stuck physically, emotionally or mentally. A cluttered environment can manifest as feeling stuck in some area of your life.

  • Being overweight, lethargic or depressed.
  • Decrease in the flow of prosperity.
  • Feeling disorganized or confused.
  • Lack of new opportunities.
  • Feeling exhausted or drained, possibly from having too many items from the past.
  • Keeps your energy in the past, may have difficulty staying in the present.
  • Makes everything take longer.
  • Can cause you to procrastinate.
  • Can make you feel ashamed or self-conscious.
  • May cause lack of direction or focus in your life.
  • Scattered thinking.

Location of Clutter


  • Behind doorways, in hallways, under beds.
  • Cupboards, drawers, closets, medicine cabinets.
  • Counters, desktops, bookshelves, tabletops.
  • Garages, sheds, back and side yards.
  • Backseat or trunk of car.


Types of Clutter


  • Collections.
  • Books, magazines, newspapers, photos.
  • Sentimental stuff or items from an old relationship.
  • Electronic clutter.
  • Things you no longer use or clothes that no longer fit.
  • Things that need fixing.
  • Things you do not love.
  • Unwanted gifts.
  • Boxes and bags.
  • Audio and Video clutter.
  • Mystery items.
  • Inherited clutter.
  • Computer related: old downloads, cluttered desktops, saved emails, and disorganized files.
  • Big stuff – an old car in the yard, furniture you do not use, need or love.
  • Outdated vitamins, food or make-up.
  • Un-needed items in your handbag, wallet or briefcase.
  • Old journals full of negativity and angst.
  • An unbalanced checkbook.
  • People who drain your energy.
  • Anything stopping doors or windows from opening fully will keep energy from flowing into your home.


The Clutter Test


  • Does it lift my energy to think about it or look at it?
  • Do I love it?
  • Do I need it?
  • Does it reflect who I am now in my life?
  • What positive and or negative thoughts, memories or emotions do I associate with it?
  • Does it need to be fixed or repaired, and am I willing to do so now?
  • If I moved tomorrow, would I take it with me?
  • If it is time to let it go, am I going to throw, sell, lend or give it away and when?


The Benefits of Clearing Clutter


  • Feel more energy and vitality.
  • Experience clarity and focus in your life.
  • Lose weight more easily.
  • Allow new opportunities to find you.
  • Increase in the flow of wealth and prosperity.
  • Overall improved sense of health and well being.
  • Finish projects that you have been procrastinating.
  • Experience more creativity.
  • Feel more grounded and centered.

 By releasing clutter you are also letting go of old life patterns that no longer serve you, creating a pathway for new opportunities to come into your life that support who you are now and who you are becoming.


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