Did you know our immune systems require vitamins and minerals to effectively fight infections, like a cold or flu? Stress, medications, poor absorption, or inadequate amounts of nutrients in our diet can lead to lower nutrient levels in our body, making it harder to fight off illnesses. Many times, orally supplementing these nutrients is not enough to raise our levels quickly, so we like to go a different route: through an IV infusion.

An IV infusion gets nutrients directly into our bloodstream, with 100% absorption. It’s the most rapid way of increasing our blood levels of vitamins and minerals. It assures our immune system has the tools it needs to fight off an infection, like a cold or flu. By replenishing our vitamins quickly, infusions can also give us more energy we can feel right away.

At Vitalia we offer two different IV infusions that can help with boosting immunity: the Standard Myers’ Infusion, and the Myers’ Immune Infusion. The Myers’ Immune infusion is a stronger support, and contains more vitamin C and zinc than the Standard Myers’.

Infusions involve accessing the blood stream directly through a vein in the arm, and typically take 30-45 minutes from start to finish. The Standard Myers’ and Myers’ Immune infusions are available to new, current, and past patients. We strive to be available to you when you need us. Many times we can get you in for a same or next day appointment. Give us a call when you feel that cold or flu coming on.


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